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Our Flawless Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags. When you see the iconic LV logo on a Louis Vuitton how to spot fake lv favorite mm handbag, you are immediately swept into a world of luxury. As the gold standard of high fashion, Louis Vuitton’s lavish bags, wallets, totes, purses, and luggage feature classic elegance, bold contrasts, and a timeless appeal like no other.

I'm the opposite, I can spot a fake a mile away. I know how to authenticate luxury items because I own them and sell them. The bag is a replica of the Louis Vuitton Favorite MM but the authentic doesn't have that metal LV logo on front. And the logo on the Gucci belt is cut wrong.

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Bad Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Bag. The bulk of fake Louis Vuitton you find on other resale sites will be of this class. It's not obvious that it's a fake to those unfamiliar with the how to spot fake lv favorite mm designer. However, many authenticators and LV enthusiasts alike can tell that this bag is fake even from a couple meters away.

Dec 03, 2019 · 1. LV Initiales. Let’s start with Louis Vuitton’s bestseller how to spot fake lv favorite mm belt, i.e. the LV Initiales. Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Parnasséa leather goods line, Louis Vuitton’s Initiales comes in three sizes, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm, as well as in a reversible version that shows off Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram, too.

LOUIS VUITTON NEVERFULL HOW TO SPOT A FAKE? In today’s post from the cycle of how to distinguish fake from the original, I wanted to introduce you to the bag Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It occurs in three sizes: PM (28 to 22 to 13 cm), MM (32 to 29 per 16 cm), GM (39 32 20 cm).

Checklist to Authenticate a Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton

Apr 06, 2015 · 2. Know the Styles That Louis Vuitton Produces. This is an easy area for a newbie to feel foolish. You need to make sure that the bag you are purchasing, is, in fact, a style that Louis Vuitton made, and that you are purchasing it in the right color and monogram pattern that …

I own a neverfull MM in damier ebene. So I will answer with regard to the one I own: I can tell you some: 1. If it is in the monogram print, and if it is a neverfull, they use only one piece of leather. So the LV on the front must be upside dow...

Spotting Fake Louis Vuitton Heat Stamps Labels and Fonts

This label [Figure 6] is a good demonstration of many of the problems you will encounter with fake LV heat stamps.The first point of inspection is the L and O relationship. In this case we find violations of both the shared bored (there is none), and the width of the L (the L is too wide).

Nov 24, 2019 · This model of LV bag comes in different colors as I mentioned in the detailed article “A closer look at the LV ONTHEGO bag”, so if you are looking at a bag with a different color then this one, focus on the authentic bag and spot the fake by looking at …


All in all, I'm obsessed with my new bag. My Neverfull GM came in looking pristine (even better than the Fashionphile description) and I use it - no joke - weekly.

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Do you have the Neverfull GM? Do you shop pre-loved? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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